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What is the difference between ink cartridges and ink toners?

March 17, 2014

You know what it’s like when you run out of printer ink at the worst time – like when an important assignment or report is due – it happens to almost everyone at some stage!

Then you rush to your nearest stockist only to be confronted by a wall of ink cartridges and toners for different brands, models and in a huge range of colours all with different codes.

Ink cartridges and toners

Image: range of ink and toners at Chilwell Office Supplies in Geelong

What is the difference between an ink cartridge and toner?

Ink cartridges

If you have a regular printer at home that you use to print school assignments or documents for personal use, you probably use regular ink cartridges.
These are most commonly used in faxes and inkjet printers. Available in black and colour – remember to purchase the correct brand and code as per your previous ink cartridges.

Ink toners

Ink toners are in powder form and are generally used in copying machines and laser jet printers. Because the powder form is dry and then heat-pressed onto the paper it doesn’t smudge very easily. This makes it perfect for those who need smudge-free printing in a hurry – such as business environments. Ink toners print far more copies than ink cartridges meaning you can replace them less often, this is also favourable in a busy office. They are also available in black and colour.

Our greatest tip is to take the empty one from your printer, copier or fax machine with you to compare with what’s on offer. In addition, always try to keep the instructions from your printing machine too, as this should detail what type of ink you need. Please contact us for copy supplies and ink cartridges in Geelong, we will help you choose the most cost-effective products for your home or office.

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